Cannot Send This Item Error on Outlook 2007

Outlook 2007 is one of the most used version of Microsoft Outlook and there is no doubt about its reliability. But like other version of Outlook user can also face issues in this version too. One such error mostly face by Outlook user is cannot send this item error on Outlook 2007. Generally this error occur while using the Outlook profile. User can get this error message while trying to send some attachments. If you have also encounter the same problem and not find any proper solution then here you will get that.


The above error message usually appear when user try to send any file format that contains the ICC (International Color Consortium) profile. When user try to send files which contain ICC profile then Outlook try to convert it in the PNG format. But the operating system fails in conversion and you are unable to send the email. If you are also getting cannot send this item error on Outlook 2007 then you may use the following steps to fix it.

  • You should try to update the version of Outlook
  • You may also try to create a new profile
  • Select rich text format for composing your emails

After using the above fixes you may not get the error message again. But if you are still having the problem then it indicates that the PST file get corrupt. To fix the corruption issue you can use the inbox repair tool but this tool usually fails to fix severe issues.

Software To Fix Cannot Send This Item Error

If you are also having sending email due to the above discussed error then don’t worry. Wit the help of Stellar PST Repair v4.5 Software you can easily fix the corrupted PST files that result in cannot send this item error on Outlook 2007. This utility contains advance scanning features which fix the corruption issue in PST and let you use the Outlook again properly. While repairing the PST file it make user that its original content don’t get modified. Apart from Outlook 2007 it works properly with other version of Microsoft Outlook too.


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