Recover Photos from Photo Booth : Complete Recovery Solution

recover Photos from Photo Booth

Photo Booth is an inbuilt utility provided by Apple that allow Mac users to capture photos and videos using built in webcam or iSight camera. Beside that it also permit these multimedia files to import in iPhoto, email and add as a contact image or chat icon. With the help of this unique features which allow to add special effects to pictures. However, there are often some circumstances where user may delete photos accidentally form Photo Booth. It feel so bad if you lose your important pictures. If you have also come across the same situation and want to recover Photos from Photo Booth then here you will get the solution.

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How To Restore Photos from Canon EOS 60D

Restore photos from Canon EOS 60D

The Canon EOS 60D is an amazing camera which is equipped with astonishing features that make it equal to a DSLR camera. It features 18.0 Megapixel CMOS sensor for awesome images, it also features a a range of ISO settings from 100 to 6, 400 which allow you to capture clear photos even in the low light condition. Apart form that there are several more features which make this camera different form other. All the clicked pictures are stored on an external memory. But unfortunately sometime the pictures become inaccessible due to many reason. After losing our pictures we become desperate to restore photos from Canon EOS 60D.


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Fix Error 0x8004060C and Repair PST File

Outlook Error 0x8004060C

It is very true that Outlook email application is the best email client which is used by millions of user across the world. However, it comes with several useful features but we also can’t ignore the issues which we get while using Outlook. If you are an Outlook user then it is possible that you come across through several error message and Error 0x8004060C is one of them. Usually this error occur when the PST file exceed its limit. User can encounter this error while sending or receiving emails because there is not enough space remain to store more data.


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Fix Error Mac Can’t Repair External Hard Drive

Error Mac Can't Repair External Hard Drive

Mac is considered as a best and safest computer which is used by millions of user across the globe. There is no doubt that it is one of the best computer system ever but still user’s have to face some problem. Using Mac computer one can face several kind of error message and error Mac can’t repair external hard drive is one of those error which is like nightmare for Mac user’s. This error message usually happen when the drive is previously accessed in Windows OS. In many cases this error is vigorous enough to data loss. Continue reading to get rid of this situation.

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Recover Data From Pen Drive Showing 0 Bytes Size

Pen drive showing 0 bytes

Now days, pen-drive are among widely used storage device because it is portable and store lots of data in a small space. However, one can face several type of error message while using Pen drive which can lead to data loss. One of the most annoying thing is when you connect the pen drive and it not show any file or folder and shows 0 bytes in size. This error happens with many user which also lead to other error such as Invalid media type reading, Sector not found etc. But you don’t have to worry because you can recover data from pen drive showing 0 bytes size. Continue reading for the solution.


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How To Recover Photos from MS Surface Pro 4

image (1)

MS Surface Pro 4 is a light and powerful laptop ever which is powered by Windows 10. Integrated with advance features, this laptop has become one of the adaptable product launched by Microsoft. It is embedded with Intel Core processor which allow you to run multiple application easily at one time. Beside that it also provide a 5 MP front and 8 MP rear camera which is used for video chat or also for taking high quality images. But sometime our cherish moment which we have captured from this laptop get deleted and we start searching for the solution to recover photos from MS Surface Pro 4.


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How To Recover Data from Locked Memory Card

image (2)Today memory card is used in almost every digital device to expand the storage capacity. This small storage media store lots of data including some personal files. Sometime we don’t want to access data of the memory card and for this reason we make the card password protected or locked. Once the memory card get locked then no one can access it. But it is unfortunate that even after locking the memory card we experience problem in accessing its data. It you also suffering from data loss and want to recover data from locked memory card then continue reading.


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Repair PST After Outlook 0x800ccc0f Error


Outlook is most leading application which is used by millions of people around the globe for communication purpose. Other than sending and receiving emails it is also equipped with other features which help you to complete your work in limited time. Though Outlook is a reliable application but sometime user might come across issue which make the PST inaccessible. For example when you open Outlook to check email and suddenly Outlook 0x800ccc0f Error occur which block the access. As a result of this error all the email and other information get lost.


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Recover Data after Apple Partition Map Corruption

Recover data after Apple partition map corruption

Mac is one of the most popular computer for its integrated technologies, performance and features. But it is unfortunate that Mac user have also suffer from some annoying problem and corruption in Apple Partition Map is one of them. There are several user’s who have face this situation where they loses access to their data. Luckily you can recover data after Apple partition map corruption with the help of some reliable recovery tool.

It is a very frustrating moment when your important data get delete and the situation become worst if there is no backup available. Before we discuss about Mac data recovery, let’s know what actually the Apple partition map and how data become inaccessible.

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Repair PST File After Error 0x80042109

Todays millions of people depend on Outlook for managing emails and several other things. But sometime user of Outlook have to face inconvenience because of some error code or message. There are several type of error message can occur if you not use the Outlook properly and error 0x80042109 is one of them. These type of error message occur due to ignorance of software conflict, Outlook alert message and other reasons. Usually you may face this error message when you try to send email. If this error is not solved within time then it can cause PST corruption which lead to data loss.


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Easily Recover Deleted Files on Mac OS X 10.5

1Mac OS X 10.5 is among the best operating system released by Apple which can be used on several Mac system. It comes with lots of new features in compare of other Mac OS which include Boot Camp facility, Time Machine tool, New and easy interface etc. Even this OS has Time machine backup utility which is used to backup data but it doesn’t mean that your data is completely protected. There are lots of user who come across data loss on Mac OS X 10.5. So if you are among those user’s and want to recover deleted files on Mac OS X 10.5 then here is the solution.

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How To Restore Data from Dead MacBook

image (1)It is a common problem faced by MacBook user that it stop working one of sudden and it doesn’t start when try to turn it on. It doesn’t came into normal state even after trying a lot. It is really a frustrating situation when your MacBook go dead. There are several reason behind this problem such as system file corruption, software conflicts or malfunction of operating system. Reason might be differ but the problem is you can’t access anything on your dead MacBook. If you are also facing such problem and want to restore data from dead MacBook then keep reading.

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Data Recovery from Toshiba External Hard Drive

toshiba-hard-driveToshiba is among those trusted vendors who manufacture reliable hard drive and it is widely used for storing data. User can carry this storage components where ever they want and it can be used in almost every computer. Today many user rely on Toshiba external hard drive to share and taking backup of their important data. But unfortunately like other storage media, Toshiba hard drive is also prone to loss of crucial data and inaccessibility. If you are also facing the same situation and want solution for data recovery from Toshiba external hard drive then read this article carefully.


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Recover Partition Table in External Hard drive

Partition table is kind of table which is described by operating system which contain information about logical partition present in hard drive. Many user store and use Windows OS on external drive other than one which they have on their system. But starting the system by trying to load Windows OS from the external hard drive can show error such as “Invalid Partition Table. Once this error occur then you are unable to access your data. There are many user who come across this situation and still wondering how to recover partition table in external hard drive.


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How to Retrieve Photos from MacBook Air

image (1)Usually most of the Mac user prefer a notebook rather than a desktop computer. MacBook Air is among the most used Apple notebook which comes with astonishing features. It comes with a brilliant display which enhance the quality of pictures and videos, hence there are many user who like to store their memorable pictures on it. But unfortunately, like other notebook MacBook Air also has the drawback of data loss. There are several case in which user lose their important pictures and searching about how How to Retrieve Photos from MacBook Air.

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