Effective Way To Recover NTFS Compressed Files

NTFS Compressed Files

NTFS drives are mainly used to compress files and folders in Windows system in order to save disk space. This is one of the significant method to store and manage data on computer. Since, it favors by compressing files and folders by decreasing transmission time over Internet and also facilitates security to the perceptive as well as valuable data. Along with that you can also executable files with .exe extension after compressing it.

Unfortunately, like other files, its lost or corruption chances are also present and it may be caused due to accidental deletion or under any other unfavorable circumstances. It is comprised of important documents, audio files, video files, pictures etc. Don’t worry! This post is going to help you in performing Recover NTFS Compressed Files or corrupted data using third party recovery tool.

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Corruption or deletion Issues of NTFS files

  1. Formatting – While protecting the system from virus attack or corruption, many users formats their NTFS drives which leads to lost or deletion of data from NTFS drive involving compressed files.
  2. Human Errors – It is one of the most common and convenient cause of data deletion as user accidentally erase compressed by using “Shift + Del” or command prompt.
  3. Modifying file system – During performing conversion of NTFS to NTFS5, there are so many chances of compression of files and folders.
  4. Power failure while performing transmission of compressed files
  5. Network inconsistency during uploading compressed files
  6. OS malfunction

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Above mention points are common issues of data loss from NTFS drives. If you having backup of your lost or deleted files on other drive, then only you can Recover NTFS Compressed Files . However, in order to accomplish recovery of files, you can use recovery tool. But now a days, there are several tools available in the market for data recovery. Then choosing one of the best from that is very difficult. Here is given the comparison of two most effective recovery software : Remo and Stellar

Comparison of features of Stellar NTFS Data Recovery and Remo Data Recovery :

Stellar Data Recovery :-

Stellar is one of the most popular and effective tool to perform recovery of lost or deleted files, folders, photos, videos, documents, emails from NTFS hard drive and volume.

  • Recover NTFS Compressed Files from storage media formatted with NTFS/NTFS5
  • Raw Recovery: Accomplish NTFS recovery based on file signature type
  • Shows hard drive status using SMART attributes
  • Creates an exact replica or copy of the hard drive
  • Creates image of your entire drive or any specific portion of the drive
  • Supports NTFS file recovery for more than 185 different file types
  • Supports NTFS Files Recovery on Windows 8, 7, Server 2003, XP, 2000

Remo Data Recovery :-

Remo Recover Software is also used to Recover NTFS Compressed Files and folders from NTFS drives. It prefers powerful algorithm to scan entire NTFS drive to perform efficient recovery of lost/deleted files. It supports file recovery from FAT32, FAT16, NTFS5 and ExFAT drives of Windows system. In addition, it recovers files from hard drives, flash memory cards, FireWire drives, USB drives, iPods etc.

  • Deleted Files from recycle bin can be restored easily
  • After re-installing Windows, you can recover data from formatted NTFS partition
  • Perform recovery of files with Alternate Data Stream attribute from NTFS drive
  • Recognize and retrieve up to 300 file types based on unique signature
  • Add/edit new signatures from files which are not listed
  • You can use “Save Recovery Session” option to avoid re-scanning of your hard drive

Summary –

On the basis of above mention details you can make better understand which one is best to perform Recover NTFS Compressed Files .

Stellar Windows Data Recovery :-

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