Fix Error Mac Can’t Repair External Hard Drive

Error Mac Can't Repair External Hard Drive

Mac is considered as a best and safest computer which is used by millions of user across the globe. There is no doubt that it is one of the best computer system ever but still user’s have to face some problem. Using Mac computer one can face several kind of error message and error Mac can’t repair external hard drive is one of those error which is like nightmare for Mac user’s. This error message usually happen when the drive is previously accessed in Windows OS. In many cases this error is vigorous enough to data loss. Continue reading to get rid of this situation.

Steps to resolve error Mac can’t repair external hard drive?

  • Check if the external drive is formatted with Mac supported file system
  • You should try to access the external drive on other Mac computer
  • Try to connect the drive to windows computer to access it

After using these steps if you still getting unable to repair the disk error then you have to reformat the drive and assign it to OS X compatible system. But before you do that you have to copy all the data of the hard drive to prevent data loss. Now you must ask how to copy files when the drive is not recognized on Mac system due to the error. Well, you don’t have to worry because it is possible with the help of reliable recovery utility.

Software to get back files from external drive

In order to recover data after error Mac can’t repair external hard drive, it is recommended to use Stellar Mac data recovery v7.1 software. This is a latest version of Mac recovery software which has the potential to read the external drive recover the lost files. This utility has been equipped with latest scanning features which first show preview of recovered data so that you can store those data which is important for you. To know how this software work, you can use the Free (Trial) version.

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