Mac Data Recovery after Journal File Corruption

journal-file-corruptionMac computer provide lots of outstanding features, that is the reason why it is used worldwide. Journalizing is one of the process of Mac OS which protect your valuable data from any unexpected power failure or hardware malfunction. Lots of the system file including HFS+ and HFS supports the journalizing which make them less inclined to corruption. But as we know we cant short out all the problems and serious issues might be occur if the journal file get corrupt. It makes the Mac volume inaccessible and also result in data loss. so if you are also looking for Mac data recovery after journal file corruption then here you will know that.

What is a Journal file?

Journal file is a system file which stores all the important information. Once you enable the journalizing in a volume then it maintain the continuous changes to the file that is present in the volume. If Mac system get shutdown abruptly then the journal file will restore your volume to the working state as it was previously stored after you restart your system.

Steps for Mac data recovery after journal file corruption

  • To repair Mac HFS+ or HFS file system you can use “fsck” command. It will fix most of the problem and make the volume accessible once again. But sometime the journal file corrupt volume so badly that it cannot be repaired using this command.
  • After using the “fsck” command the problem still exist then you have option to format the disk using Disk utility and then you can restore your data from the backup. In case if you don’t have backup available then you can use some recovery utility to get back the lost data.

Which recovery software to be use?

You can use Stellar Mac data recovery software to perform Mac data recovery after journal file corruption. This software is developed by experts and it contains advance algorithm that scans and recover all type of files from your Mac volume. Using this software one can recover files from formatted, corrupted HFS+ and HFS volumes easily. This software can also be used to recover data lost under any circumstances such as OS re-installation, file system corruption, accidental formatting volumes, re-partitioning hard disk and more.

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