Recover Data after Apple Partition Map Corruption

Recover data after Apple partition map corruption

Mac is one of the most popular computer for its integrated technologies, performance and features. But it is unfortunate that Mac user have also suffer from some annoying problem and corruption in Apple Partition Map is one of them. There are several user’s who have face this situation where they loses access to their data. Luckily you can recover data after Apple partition map corruption with the help of some reliable recovery tool.

It is a very frustrating moment when your important data get delete and the situation become worst if there is no backup available. Before we discuss about Mac data recovery, let’s know what actually the Apple partition map and how data become inaccessible.

What is the Apple Partition Map?

Apple Partition Map is very similar to MBR in Windows computer which store crucial information like size of volumes, number of Volumes, location of hard disk and other information. So if your Apple Partition Map get damaged then you can’t access your data. There are several reason which can lead to Apple Partition Map corruption. Such as :

  • Formation of bad sector : If bad sector occur in your hard disk then it can lead to corruption of AMP. If the PM is located over bad sector then it prevent the OS to access information stored on it.
  • Corruption of Boot sector : If boot sector of Mac hard disk get corrupted the it fails to boot OS. It usually happen due to sudden power surge, improper shut down etc.

You can also utilize the “Disk Utility” application to fix the AMP issue but it has several limitation. So in such circumstances you can only recover data after Apple partition map corruption wit the help of recovery utility.

Data recovery software for Mac

Don’t worry if you have lose your data due to any of the above mentioned reason. You can get them back with the help of latest Stellar Mac data recovery v7.1 software. This is an updated version of Mac data recovery software which comes with astonishing features that recover data after Apple partition map corruption. It is embedded with competent algorithms which allow you to recover permanently deleted or lost data from Mac system. Apart from that it also retrieve data from formatted Mac volume with HFS+, HFS, and HFSX file systems.

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