Recover Data after Boot Sector Corruption

Boot sector is very important for any computer to use its drives or hard disk partitions. It is the first sector on hard disk which contains partition table and master boot record. It contains information about logical partition such as machine code which an operating system use to boot. Damage or lost of boot sector file will make the partition inaccessible and user may end up with data loss. If the boot sector get corrupted then it will display error message such as Disk Error or Non System Disk. If you are also suffering from the same and want to recover data after boot sector corruption then keep reading.




There are several reasons which lead to boot sector corruption such as OS crash, modifying registry, virus attack, improper shut down of system, interruption while upgrading OS etc. In order to fix the boot sector corruption issue you can use the following method:

  • If the partition is of NTFS file system then the boot sector backup must be located on its start or end. Just find the location and restore it.
  • You can also start the system using Windows startup disk which provide you the “Repair” option for recovery console. After which you can run the FIXBOOT command to fix boot sector.

Using the above steps one can fix boot sector corruption and again access data of hard disk. But if there is severe damage or corruption then these methods fails and you will need a recovery program to recover data after boot sector corruption.

Data recovery after boot sector corruption

If you have used the above mentioned method and still getting the same issue then don’t worry. With the help of Stellar data recovery software you can regain access of hard drive data. It is a powerful recovery utility that scans your system and recover data after boot sector corruption. It also has the ability to recover data from corrupted, inaccessible or formatted hard disk and almost all the interface of hard drive. Furthermore, it can be used on almost all the version of Windows operating system.



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