How To Recover Data from Dead Partition

Partitions are considered as a virtual drives in the miniature of hard drive. The storage of a hard drive memory can be divided into logical drive which is known as partitions. You must know that partition are not dependent on each other and that’s the thing which allow user to use different operating system in each partition on the same drive. Partitions are used to store large amount of data and user should be very careful while using them. But like other storage device, partition can also get corrupted or dead which result in inaccessibility of data. Here you will know the ways to recover data from dead partition.


Reason that result in dead or corrupt partition

There are several circumstances which make a partition corrupt and dead. Some of them are given below :

  • Using improper method during defragmentation, repartitioning and creating new partition on hard drive.
  • Occurrence of error while re-installing the operating system on hard drive also result in corruption.
  • Process error while using partition to install multiple OS also lead to corruption
  • If partition table or MBR get damage can also cause some partition dead.

If your partition get dead or corrupt because of any above instances then you can’t access the data stored in it. However if you have a backup on other storage device then you can easily recover data from dead partition otherwise you have to go with a proper recovery software.

Restoring data from dead partition

If you are also unable to use data of partition due to any reason then don’t worry. With the help of Stellar data recovery software you can easily recover data from dead partition. It is an excellent tool that easily recover all type of files stored in the partition which get corrupt or dead. Its advance algorithm and latest feature safely restore data from hard drive which become unbootable, corrupted or dead. In addition, it is very easy to use this tool and it is compatible with all the Windows OS.


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