How To Recover Data from Failed Raid 1

Raid 1 is a prototype of data to more than one disk and it is used widely by computer users. It is one of the best option for such application which need high performance such as operating system, transactional software, email and more. When you use Raid 1disk, then copy of your data get created on more than two disk. Its storage capacity may be low but it give more read performance. But sometime the Raid 1 drive get failure and we have to struggle for accessing data. Don’t worry if you are also stuck in such situation here you will know how to recover data from failed Raid 1.


There are many reason which make the drive failure on windows computer and that time we only wonder about is it possible to recover data from failed Raid 1? Before we discuss about recovery, lets see the possible reason behind Raid 1 failure.

  • Changes in the file system of Raid 1 drive will make its fail
  • Crash of operating system is also a common reason of Failed Raid 1
  • Failure of RAID technology also lead to Raid 1 drive failure
  • Creation of bad sectors in hard disk also result in Raid 1 drive failure

Once the Raid 1 drive become failure then it will generate several kind of error message when you try to access it. But don’t worry because it is possible to extract data from failed RAID 1 with the help of some recovery tool.

Software to Restore Data from Failed Raid 1

If you are also unable to access your important data because of hard drive failure then don’t worry. With the help of Stellar data recovery software you can easily recover data from failed Raid 1 . this wonderful application can recover data from RAID 1 drive and it doesn’t matter in which situation it get lost. art from RAID 1, it can also restore data from RAID 0, RAID 10 and RAID 5. it is very user friendly so anyone can use it easily to get back their crucial data from RAID 1 hard drive or any other storage media.


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