Recover Data From Hard Drive Bad Sectors

Hard drive is the main component of any computer which store all kind of data. Today, there are lots of hard disk present in market which can store large amount of data. Hard disk is a non-volatile device which can hold the data even after turning of the system. But like other device, hard disk is also a mechanical device and unfortunately sometime formation of bad sector occur on it. If your data get saved on these bad sector then they get damaged and become inaccessible. But don’t worry because here you will know how to recover data from hard drive bad sectors.


What Are The Bad Sectors?

Hard drive contains millions of sectors and these sectors hold the data which we save. But sometime these sector damaged and data saved on these sector get corrupt. Creation of bad sector usually lead to data loss. If you have backup then you can easily recover data from hard drive bad sectors. Otherwise you have to take help of some reputable software. But the question is how to know that hard disk have bad sector. When your hard drive has bad sector then you will experience these symptoms.

  • System get slow when access the hard disk.
  • You will get error message such as “Data Error”.
  • Automatic start-up of ChkDsk during system startup.
  • Hard drive asking for format or fail to recognize.

How To Retrieve Data From Hard Drive Bad Sectors

If you are also facing data loss situation due to formation of bad sectors on your hard drive then don’t be sad. You can rescue them with the help of some reliable software as mentioned above. Stellar data recovery software is a robust application which can easily recover data from hard drive bad sectors. This amazing recovery utility is created by experts and it is capable of recovering data from hard drive which become inaccessible due to any reason including formation of bad sectors. It is very easy to use and allows recovery from any kind of external or internal hard disk.


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