Recover Data After Invalid Catalog Record Error

Mac is one of the most used system because it provide excellent features and functionality. Mac computer use HFS file system which organize files and folders on the computer hard disk and catalog record is such an entry of file on the disk directory. Usually there are four types of Catalog record which is file, folder, file thread and folder thread respectively. If there is any other catalog record other than these four then the disk utility will report Invalid catalog record error. Occurrence of this error will not let you perform any task and make the files inaccessible on your Mac system.

What Are The Main Causes Of Invalid Catalog Record Error?

  • Damage in the catalog record because of software conflicts
  • Incorrect count of the catalog record
  • When catalog record get corrupted due to virus attack
  • or corruption in the HFS file system

Apart from that there are some other reason which can cause the catalog error on Mac computer such as system or hard drive crash, improper OS re-installation, unusual format process etc. The main problem is when invalid catalog record error appear, data become inaccessible. In such situation many user go for Disk utility or make use of some third party tool. But doing this can damage the catalog record further and result in severe data loss.

Retrieve Data After Invalid Catalog Record Error

Don’t worry if you are also unable to access your files because of this error. With the help of Stellar Mac data recovery v7.1 software you can easily recover data after invalid catalog record error. This software is recommended by expert which include amazing recovery features which help you to access your data again. This utility supports recovery of large number of file types on Mac computer and doesn’t depend on the reason on data loss. The user interface of this software make it easy to use and any less knowledge user can also operate it. In addition, it bring back data from all the Mac OS X.

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