Recover Data From Pen Drive Showing 0 Bytes Size

Pen drive showing 0 bytes

Now days, pen-drive are among widely used storage device because it is portable and store lots of data in a small space. However, one can face several type of error message while using Pen drive which can lead to data loss. One of the most annoying thing is when you connect the pen drive and it not show any file or folder and shows 0 bytes in size. This error happens with many user which also lead to other error such as Invalid media type reading, Sector not found etc. But you don’t have to worry because you can recover data from pen drive showing 0 bytes size. Continue reading for the solution.


Why pen drive shows 0 bytes size?

It is not a good thing if your pen drive shows 0 bytes because it is an indication of physical damage, partition corruption or bad sector formation. Let’s see some common reason of 0 bytes size.

  • Bad sector : If the pen drive get bad sectors then it also cause problem in reading or saving data
  • Power failure : Sudden power failure while the drive is writing data can also corrupt the files stored on it.
  • Damage of pen drive : Any physical damage such as board or circuit fails to work can corrupt data and lead to 0 byte error
  • Virus attack : If the pen drive get infected with virus then it corrupt the data stored on it and as a result error message occur

In this situation formatting the drive is only option which fix the error but it will erase all the data. However you can recover recover data from pen drive showing 0 bytes size with the help of some recovery program.

Extract data from pen drive showing 0 byte

With the help of Stellar data recovery software you can can get back all your important data which become inaccessible due to 0 byte error. It is an ultimate data recovery software which is equipped with advance features that help you to recover data from pen drive showing 0 bytes size. Apart from pen drive, this amazing utility has the ability to recover data from various portable storage device such as flash drive, external hard drive, memory card, USB drive and more.


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