Recover Data From RAW Hard Drive

RAW Hard Drive is such a state where the system fails to recognize files system of hard disk. This means when any system file get corrupted it become RAW. After that the data become unreadable and inaccessible. Consider a scenario, when you remove the external hard disk during writing process, the drive become corrupt and turns in RAW. After that when you try to access your file, several type of error message will pop-up. There are many user who suffer from this situation and they don’t know how to recover data from RAW hard drive, but you don’t have to worry because here you will get the solution.


Once the hard drive become RAW then you can’t access data from it and it display the disk space 0 bytes. You can only access the drive after formatting it, which result in loss of all the data present on it. There are many people who think once data get delete then it can’t be recover, which is not true. You can recover data from RAW hard drive with the help of some recovery utility.

Common Reason which make hard drive RAW

  • Malfunction of the Windows operating system
  • Improper termination of system or sudden power failure
  • Failure of hard disk due to software or hardware malfunction
  • Damage of master boot record or corruption of partition table
  • Attack of dangerous virus on the file system of hard disk

As mentioned above, data can be recover from RAW hard drive with some recovery program and one of the bets recovery utility is Stellar data recovery software. This recovery utility is one of the best way to recover data from RAW hard drive. This application is designed by experts and it can easily recover all file types which become RAW due to any reason. Apart from RAW hard drive, it can also recover data from other storage media like USB, memory card, external hard disk etc.


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