How to Recover Data after Resizing Partition

formatted-mac-volume-recoveryInexperienced computer user find it difficult to accomplish complex task in their system. There are many critical operation which need expertize to perform and one of them is resizing the existing partition to create new partition in the hard drive. In order to execute such critical task we must take precautionary measure but it is unfortunate that after being alert some instances happen which lead to data loss. If you are also among those user and searching the solution to recover data after resizing partition then go through this article.


Sometime user try to resize partition which contain our important data with the help of some third party tool. While going through the process if some alert message occur then inexperienced user find it difficult inspect that message and fail to complete the process properly. If the Resizing Partition process doesn’t get complete then it result in data loss.

Common mistake done by user during resizing partition

  • Usually we forget to backup the valuable data before resizing partition
  • Many user doesn’t follow the standard method of resizing partition
  • Using third party utility to resize hard drive partition without proper knowledge

Apart from that there are some other reason too which can lead to data loss such as software collision, OS malfunction, hard disk crash etc. If you want to recover data after resizing partition then you have to make use of reliable recovery software.

Solution to recover partition after improper process

Stellar Windows Data Recover (Pro) v5.0 is one of the most powerful recovery software which help you to recover data after resizing partition. With the help of this recovery utility you can easily get back your deleted data from the affected partition. Stellar Windows Data Recover (Pro) v5.0 comes with improved user interface which supports recovery of hard disk more than 2 TB in size. This new version has got advance scanning engine which scan partition such as NTFS, FAT and exFAT in lesser time. It contains several enhanced features such as auto detection of external media, support large capacity of hard disk, Intuitive user interface and faster scanning.


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