Recover Data From Western Digital My Passport

recover data from Western digital my passport

Western digital my passport portable hard drive has become very popular now days. Because of its mini size and capacity to store large amount of data, it has become favorite of businessman as well as common PC user. It is a good place to store backup of your data and it can be easily carried out wherever you want. But unfortunately this storage media is also not safe from problem and because of any technical or human error, user can face data loss. If you are the one who come across the same situation then here you will know how to recover data from Western Digital My Passport.

Before we proceed for the recovery solution, it is necessary to know the reason which lead to data loss from WD My Passport. It help you to remain careful next time while using the storage media. Following are the reason which result in file loss from WD external hard drive ;

  • Accidental deletion : Sometime user accidentally delete files from external hard drive when they not pay much attention.
  • Interruption in data transfer : Occurrence of interruption like sudden system shutdown and other during data transfer can lead to loss of data.
  • Virus infection : Connecting the WD hard drive to an infected Mac system can corrupt data stored on it and result in file loss.

User can only regret if they lost data from WP external hard drive and they don’t have backup. But no need to worry because with a good recovery software you can easily recover data from Western Digital My Passport.

Software To Recover Data From WD My Passport

If you also get stuck in data loss situation then it is recommended to use Stellar Mac data recovery v7.1 software. It is a reliable recovery utility through which you can easily recover data from Western Digital My Passport. The software doesn’t depend upon how the data loss happen, it bring them back if the data is not overwritten. It contains unique feature such as fast recovery and read only which safely recover your important data. In addition, it can be used on different version of Mac OS.

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