Recover Deleted Files Through Command Prompt

imageDOS command is an interface in Windows operating system which allows user’s to perform certain operations by entering commands. Command prompt was the only way to delete files before the introduction of graphical user interface. There are some user’s who still use the command prompt to delete files. But if you are using command prompt then you must be aware from the fact that files get deleted through command prompt cannot goes to recycle bin. So if you delete some important file accidentally using the command prompt then you can’t get it from recycle bin. If you are also searching about how to recover deleted files through command prompt then continue reading.


What happens when we use command prompt to delete file?

In MS-DOS 6.0 which is a higher version of the operating system you will be able to recover files because they are not overwritten by some other file. But in Windows OS if you delete some file then there is no command which help you to get back the files. Once you delete the files then they get deleted by passing the recycle bin. Nevertheless, the files get deleted using command prompt not get deleted permanently from the hard disk. It remains in its real location in the hard drive. In real the pointer accessing to the file get removed and the OS fails to locate it. So if you have another copy of your file then you can get back them easily. Otherwise you should look for a good recovery tool to recover deleted files through command prompt

Use Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software

If you have unknowingly deleted your important data using the command prompt and now want back those data then don’t worry. You can easily recover deleted files through command prompt by using Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software. This utility can effortlessly recover all the files which get deleted using command prompt. Apart from recovering files from DOS, you can also use it to retrieve files which get deleted in other scenario such as emptying the recycle bin, accidentally pressing the delete button, using Cut and Pate command etc. It is compatible in restoring files from any version of the Windows operating system.


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