How To Recover Disappeared Files from MacBook

Recover Disappeared Files from MacBook

MacBook is one of the best notebook from Apple which become very popular in short time. It is embedded with amazing features and also allow to store a huge amount of data on it. MacBook is a portable device so we can carry out our important data wherever we go. But sometime even we have not erased any file or move them from one location to another, files from MacBook get disappeared without our knowledge. It is a very irritating situation when you need some important file and it is not available. But no need to worry because this article will teach you how to recover disappeared files from MacBook.

If you are also a MacBook user whose file get disappeared suddenly then you can use the following procedure to get your files back.

  • Make use of search box :- MacBook provide a search box which help you to find a certain file which you can’t find on it. So if you remember your file name then type that in search box and press enter.
  • Use Mac terminal :- If your file is hidden then the first method will not help you to find that. So you can unhide the file using the terminal. To do that, start Mac finder and open utilities folder. Then type “SUDO defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES; killall Finder”. Press enter and close terminal.
  • Utilize Time machine :- If you run Time machine while using your MacBook then the file which get disappeared will be saved which you can restore by opening the Time machine.

But time machine also fails to save your file in case if you not run it while executing any task. So in such situation you have to utilize some recovery software to recover disappeared files from MacBook.

Recovery Software for MacBook

If the above procedure fails to find disappeared files from MacBook then you can use Stellar Mac data recovery v7.1 software to make them visible. The improved version of Mac recovery software contains helpful features which allow you to recover disappeared files from MacBook safely. Wit the help of this software you can recover deleted files from MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, Mac Mini, Air, iMac etc. Apart from that it also facilitate recovery of encrypted files, support time machine backup, and compatible with all the Mac OS.

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