How to Recover Files From Folder Lock

Everyone have some confidential data which they want to keep safe from unauthorized access and to do that Folder lock is the best application. It is one of the most used software which provide safety to our secret files by setting an unique password on Windows computer. Using this application one can create locker for your files which you don’t want to access by other. Apart from that it also allow user to encrypt files, hide them and secure deletion. But these useful features of folder lock doesn’t secure data loss situation which occurs unknowingly on windows system. There are many people who suffer from this situation and now they are searching about How to Recover Files from Folder Lock.


Reason Behind Deletion of Files From Folder Lock

User might remove some important files mistakenly from Folder Lock. In some situation, misuse of the shred files option in the folder lock application may delete some vital files or folder. In addition there are some other reason due to which files from folder lock get disappear such as OS corruption, virus attack, malfunctioning of the folder lock software, file system corruption, hardware failure etc. So one can lose their important files or folder due to any of the above reason. However, you can get back your lost files easily if you have backup available. In case if you don’t have backup then you can only Recover Files from Folder Lock with help of some consistence recovery software.

Software to Retrieve Files From Folder Lock

It is really an awful moment when you lose your vital data but now you don’t have to worry about. With the help of Stellar data recovery software you can easily Recover Files from Folder Lock. This software is embedded with latest scanning algorithm which restore different type of files such as documents, zip folder, video files, audio files, image files and other files from Windows computer. This application supports recovery from different storage device and it easily run on almost all the version of Windows operating system.


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