How To Recover Files Missing After Moving

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It usually happens with us, we lose our important file or folder while moving them from one location to other. Technology has provided many shortcut which allow use to transfer our file easily without any corruption to the original one. To ensure that the transfer of file has completed properly we have to check content of the specific file and its size in the location where we transfer it. But sometime during file transferring some interruption occur which not let the transfer complete and user end up missing their file. If this happen with you also and you are searching about how to recover files missing after moving then continue reading.


If any interruption occur while moving file from one location to other then we are no able to find them even after searching in different drive on computer. Before we start elaborating about how recover files missing after moving let use see some scenario which lead to loss of files while moving:

  • Sudden power loss while moving files from computer to some external media or vice versa
  • We usually use the cut & paste option to move files, but using some other command before pasting file can also result in data loss
  • Sometime the destination location has less memory space which need to save the file, due to this file loss can take place
  • Using incompatible software can also result in loss of valuable data from the partition

Software to get back missing file while transferring

We don’t want to lose our file because it take a long time to store them. So if you are also anxious after loss of your valuable data then don’t get tensed. You can recover files missing after moving with the help of some recovery utility and Stellar data recovery software is the best tool which is recommended by many expert. With the help of this advance recovery utility you can easily get back your file which you lost during transferring. It support recovery of various types of files from different storage media. Not only this, it also work well on every version of Windows OS.


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