Recover Lost Images after Factory Reset

recover-deleted-files-696x464Restoring computer to factory settings becomes essential sometime when system don’t work properly or there is some problem with registry. But there is also a risk associated with the factory resetting. There is a great chances of losing the data stored on the system including our important images. And no one want to lose their crucial pictures at any cost because picture make us relive our best memories. However, there are some intelligent user who backup their picture before the factory setting which help them to restore their photos. In case, if you don’t have backup and want to recover lost images after factory reset then here you will know that.

There is a misconception that once picture get deleted, it cannot be recover anymore. But this is not true, with the help of some recovery utility you can recover lost images after factory reset. But before we start about the recovery process, let’s know why we do system restore

  • Sometime PC start running slow due to unwanted apps, in such situation system restore is done
  • To erase personal or important data from the system before handover it to another person, factory reset is done
  • To set the computer to its default setting, factory reset is carried out
  • Occurrence of technical issues in system which not get solved even after rebooting it, then restoring can help you

Quickly Retrieve Pictures after System Restore

There should be several reason which lead us to do factory resetting but unfortunately sometime it also result in picture deletion. In such situation you can use Remo data recovery software which easily recover lost images after factory reset. This robust recovery tool is designed with latest algorithm which scan the entire disk and recover the lost pictures quickly. No matter whether you have done system restore in your PC or in digital camera, this software will help you to get back all your lost images. Beside that it also help you to recover pictures from any digital media and storage device.

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