Recover Partition Table in External Hard drive

Partition table is kind of table which is described by operating system which contain information about logical partition present in hard drive. Many user store and use Windows OS on external drive other than one which they have on their system. But starting the system by trying to load Windows OS from the external hard drive can show error such as “Invalid Partition Table. Once this error occur then you are unable to access your data. There are many user who come across this situation and still wondering how to recover partition table in external hard drive.


If you have ever suffered from this situation then you must be wondering about the reason behind “Invalid Partition Table” error message. Actually there are several reason which lead to this error message such as :

  • Corruption of MBR on external hard drive due to virus attack
  • External hard drive having more than one partition which is marked as Active partition
  • If the external drive is not installed with any OS and system use the external hard drive as a boot device

In such circumstances you can’t access data from that external hard disk even it is not connected as a bootable device. But no need to worry because you can still recover partition table in external hard drive with the help of some recovery software but till then stop using your hard drive.

Recovery program for External hard drive

Stellar data recovery software is one of the best program which easily recovery recover partition table in external hard drive. With the help of this professional recovery utility you can get back all kind of file such as program files, documents, reports, folders, archives etc from every partition on external hard drive. No matter if your file get deleted due to any of the above mentioned reason, it can easily render your lost data. It also provide you preview of recovered data so that you can select those file which you want to restore. In addition, you can use this software system having any Windows operating system.


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