How to Recover Password Protected PDF Files

PDF File is one of the most prevalent format of writing document. It is usually use for writing pages for flyer’s, article for magazine. Product brochure etc. The main benefit of a PDF file is preserves all thing of any source of document regardless of the platform and application used to create it. We use to store lots of useful data in a PDF file and we set password for them to make it safe from unauthorized persons. But sometime these password protected PDF files get deleted or lost due to system error or user mistake. After that we become desperate about how to recover password protected PDF files.


However, you can recover password protected PDF files with the help of some recovery utility, but before we proceed for the recovery it is necessary to know in which circumstances PDF files get deleted or lost.

Reasons behind loss of password secured PDF files

  • Accidental deletion of password protected PDF files
  • Unknowingly formatting the partition of hard drive on which PDF files are stored
  • Password secured PDF files may become inaccessible due to virus attack
  • You may face PDF loss while transferring it to some other storage media
  • Using cut command to move PDF file and forget using the paste command

There are many more circumstances where you may face loss of Password Protected PDF Files. If you have also lost your PDF file and if you have other copy of that file then you can easily get it back, otherwise you have to use some recovery tool.

Recover Password Protected PDF Files

Stellar Windows Data Recovery is an amazing utility which help you to recover password protected PDF files. This advance utility contains powerful scanning features which scans your hard disk and recover lost or deleted Password Protected PDF Files. By using this software you can recover your PDF files from any storage media such as hard drive, internal hard disk, memory card, USB etc. This utility is compatible with different and all the latest version of Windows OS. It has an user friendly interface so anyone can use it easily.


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