How to Recover Photo from iPhoto Library

recover photo from iPhoto library

iPhoto is a digital photo application built for Mac which is used to maintain, import, print, edit pictures from different device. All the photos stored in a specific folder known as iPhoto Library. It provide advance features through which you can give extra touch to your favorite pictures. It also contains all the data related to pictures such as keyword, ratings, albums etc. But some time these data get deleted or corrupted, as a result user will not longer access their pictures present in them. If you have also encounter such issue and wondering how to recover photo from iPhoto library then this article will teach you to do that.

Scenarios Behind Photo Loss from iPhoto Library

  • Synchronization Error :- You may face photo loss if any error occur during synchronizing iPhoto library between two Mac system.
  • iPhoto Library Corruption :- Corruption in the database of iPhoto library can cause the application crash and which result in photo loss
  • Accidental deletion :- While removing some unwanted file we accidentally select some important folder too.
  • Formatting :-Formatting the drive on which the iPhoto library data is stored without having proper backup also lead to deletion of pictures.

Photo loss can happen due to any of the above mentioned scenarios, but if you have a backup of your file then you can easily overcome from that situation. It is advised to not write any new data if you really want to recover photo from iPhoto library because this will make the recovery impossible.

How to Retrieve iPhoto Library Photos

As mentioned above, if you don’t write any new data then you can recover your picture with the help of some recovery utility. Expert recommend to use Stellar Mac recovery software to recover photo from iPhoto library. This software contains latest scanning algorithm which scan and recover lost pictures that get deleted or lost in any situation. Apart from pictures, it can also recover song and video which get deleted from Mac system. This powerful recovery software is compatible with almost all the version of Mac OS.

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