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PowerPoint is a slide show presentation program that is useful for helping develop the slide-based presentation format files. This is at present most commonly and widely used presentation programs available and is being used by different organizations, fulfilling their business and office related tasks. However, due to an unexpected circumstances there may be the loss of .ppt/.pptx/.pptm presentation file from the hard drive of the computer system of a user. The suffered user may face a huge loss if the lost file has some important or valuable data stored in it and its loss means a huge loss to the user. It may also be the case that the user had not saved the file and the computer faced a sudden shut down due to power loss. However apart from what is given in this scenario, there may also be some other factors that could cause the loss or deletion of data or making the data inaccessible.

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Some of These Data Losing Factors are Mentioned Below

  1. Sometimes your drive containing the powerpoint file might get formatted or corrupted mistakenly by you to get rid of formatting errors and drive corruption. Had You forgot to take the back-up of the files stored in that drives, then you may lose other files stored there as well along with the powerpoint file.

  2. If someone has deleted your spreadsheet file by using the ‘Shift+Delete’ command without knowing its importance to you, then the file get deleted from the hard disk of your computer system permanently.

  3. The stored files on the computer system may also become affected and get deleted due to virus infection.

Above are some possible circumstances causing the file deletion. Apart from these if anyone has ever faced any such situations, then there is no need to worry now because any user suffering from the data loss or data-inaccessibility can now easily recover the files by using Recover PowerPoint Presentation Files Tool. Following are its features which will enable you to understand it better.

  1. MS PowerPoint Presentation File Recovery Tool makes the damaged powerpoint files usable again by identifying corruption in individual objects, fixing the damage and restoring the file back to its original format.

  2. The software is adept at performing a batch recovery of multiple PowerPoint presentations in a single operation. You can use this software to repair and restore any number of PPT/PPTX/PPTM files at the same time.

  3. It has easy-to-use, simple and consistent User Interface that a user will like to work with it.

  4. This PowerPoint recovery software allows recovery of macro-enabled PowerPoint presentations. It smoothly repairs your damaged PPTM file and enables you to recover all PowerPoint objects along with the macros those are attached to the file.

  5. The recovery software tool gives the comfort to preview the repaired powerpoint file object on the interface.

  6. Users can approach to select or find a particular MS powerpoint file from within system with the ‘Find File’ or ‘Search File’ options respectively. Besides, the ‘Search Folder’ option enables users to list down only the powerpoint files present within a folder. Users can also perform multiple selections from that list of files to repair.

  7. To Recover PowerPoint Presentation Files, the Recovery Tool will work in all instances, regardless of the type error message that is raised due to file corruption or the cause of file corruption.

  8. The software is compatible with nearly all versions of Windows and Mac OS.

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