Recovery after Boot Camp Error on Mac

imageToday it is possible to use dual operating system in s single computer. Many professionals as well as normal users want to use Windows application on the Macintosh system. With the help of advance technology user can install Windows OS on Mac PC with the help of Boot Camp software. This software play a role of bridge in order to keep both the operating system separate on system hard drive. With the help of Boot Camp software one can install compatible version of Windows OS on Mac OS X computer. But due to some unfavorable condition Boot Camp Error occur and it result in data loss.

If you are also suffering from same situation and worried about data recovery after Boot camp error on Mac then leave the worry because we are here to help you. Befo0re we proceed further lets have a look on causes behind Boot Camp Error.

  • Compatibility issues : Many user try to install Windows 32 bit operating system in Mac having 64 bit OS. Doing this can lead to the Boot Camp Error and result in data loss.
  • Storage space related issues : If there is very little memory space during the time of Boot Camp software installation and try to extend it later then it can also cause the Boot Camp error
  • Incompatible disk utilities : Using disk utilities which is not suitable for Mac OS while installing the boot camp can occur error and erase the data of the hard drive.
  • Unexpected interruptions : Unexpected interruption like abnormal system shut down or sudden power cut while installing Boot camp software can cause error

Backing up data is one of the best practices is the best solution to prevent data loss situation. But if you don’t have any backup then it can lead to a panic situation. In such condition you can use Stellar Mac Data Recovery software to perform recovery after Boot camp error on Mac. This recovery utility is integrated with advance scanning algorithm which easily recover data after the Boot Camp Error and it is compatible with almost all the version of Mac OS including Mac OS Snow Leopard, Mac OS X 10.7(Lion), Mac OS X 10.5 x (Leopard) so on.

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