Repair Zip After Unexpected End of Archive Error

rar_corruptionThe Zip file format is a data compression format which is used to reduce the files size. With the help of zip you can compress more than one files. If you have to send a big file through email to your friend and you don’t have much time to wait for upload. So in such case you can use the zip to reduce the file size. But sometime while opening the zip file we have to face error and Unexpected end of archive error is one of them. Error means that zip file get corrupted and you cant access it anymore. But you don’t have to worry because here you will get the solution to repair Zip after unexpected end of archive error.


Like other file format, zip is also prone to corruption. But with the help of a professional repair software you can repair Zip after unexpected end of archive error. But before we process about the repairing of zip file, let us find the possible reason which can cause error message in zip file.

  • If zip file get infected with virus while downloading it then it can corrupt zip file and when you try to open it then give error message
  • Sometime we use unreliable application for the creation of a Zip folder, this is also a reason behind Zip corruption
  • Extracting a large size file from the hard drive which has low disk space can also become a reason behind error message
  • Occurrence of hard disk problem while uncompressing the Zip archive can also lead to corruption and through error message

Software to Repair Corrupted Zip File

Remo Repair Zip File Software is a professional utility which easily repair Zip after unexpected end of archive error. With the help of this software you can extract your valuable data from damaged or corrupt Zip files. It contains powerful scanning features which can repair or recover corrupted zip file. This amazing repair software can easily repairs ZIP files created in WinZip 5.0 to 12.1 versions. Apart from that you can also repair your corrupted file if its is password protected.


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