How To Restore Data from Dead MacBook

image (1)It is a common problem faced by MacBook user that it stop working one of sudden and it doesn’t start when try to turn it on. It doesn’t came into normal state even after trying a lot. It is really a frustrating situation when your MacBook go dead. There are several reason behind this problem such as system file corruption, software conflicts or malfunction of operating system. Reason might be differ but the problem is you can’t access anything on your dead MacBook. If you are also facing such problem and want to restore data from dead MacBook then keep reading.

Maybe you can’t use anything on your dead MacBook, but you can try “Target Disk Mode” which is an inbuilt utility to transfer data from the hard disk. In order to use it, you have to connect your MacBook to another Mac system and then start the Target Disk Mode. After that you have to follow the below steps:

  • Log into the other Mac system with administration account
  • Click on the icon in the dock and open “System Preferences”
  • Then go to Startup Disk in control panel under “System” option
  • Click on Target Disk Mode and click on restart
  • Connect dead MacBook with other Mac system with help of Fire-wire cable and restart it
  • When MacBook restarts it enter to the Target Disk Mode and appear as external drive
  • Now you can transfer your important data into the working Macbook

If you are unable to find your files even after using the above steps and you don’t have backup then you can restore data from dead MacBook with the help of a reliable data recovery software

Software for Dead MacBook Data Recovery

Stellar Mac data recovery is one of the best option to get back data from dead Macbook. It is a professional utility which performs accurate and safe recovery of your lost data from Macbook. This software has a Quick scan option which quickly find your deleted files. In case your data get deleted due to corruption or other severe issue like dead system then you can use “Advanced Scan” option which scan the system deeply and help you to restore data from dead MacBook. It can be used on any Mac OS.

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