Restore Data from Unbootable Laptop Hard Drive

It is a common incidence happen with most of the laptop or PC user when they try to reboot their system but the operating system refuse to boot. In such situation we usually get an error message such as hard drive failure has occurred etc. Due to occurrence of such error message the laptop doesn’t boot. This can ruin your important work specially when if there is no other system to work on. If you also suffering from such error message and want to restore data from unbootable laptop hard drive then continue reading.


It is really a bad situation when your laptop refuse to boot and keeping turning off. But you don’t have to worry because there are some trick by using which you can boot your laptop normally. Below are the methods which can help you rebooting your laptop.

  • Use the install Disk – You can use the install disk in order to fix those error which occur due to boot file failure.
  • Boot from the Restore Disk – By using the restore disk one can backup the original factory situation of the system.
  • Remove drive and check in other system – To check the disk if it is corrupted or not you must try it in some other system.

But after using such trick the ;laptop won’t boot up. So before we proceed for how to restore data from unbootable laptop hard drive lets see some scenario which prevent boot up of your laptop.

  • Attack of virus on your laptop can corrupt the MBR or boot file
  • Sudden power surge while doing some important work can also corrupt boot file
  • OS malfunction, hard drive failure, corruption of system files are some other reason.

Recover data from laptop that won’t boot

If your laptop also refuse to boot and you want to get back your important data then you have to use some recovery utility. One of the most recommended utility is Stellar data recovery software. With the help of this robust tool you can easily restore data from unbootable laptop hard drive. This software contain unique features which recover lost data from laptop and other storage media without depending on the situation of data loss.


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