Restore Photos Which iPhoto Library is Not Showing

iPhoto is a highly popular application among the Mac user which provide several interesting features. It is one of the best picture organizing tool which allow you to organize pictures and gives other option such as editing photos, Facebook enhancement option, full screen display etc. The entire information about the picture such as preview version, thumbnails etc are saved on a separate folder known as iPhoto library. There is no doubt it is a wonderful application but sometime user come across situation where iPhoto library is not showing pictures. This is very annoying situation when your favorite pictures get disappeared. If you also suffer the same then here is the solution.

Causes and how to fix it.

Sometime the database record of iPhoto library get mixed up and a result of that it start giving abnormal output which doesn’t meet the actual data stored in the database. As example, displaying less number of pictures than the actual number lead to give the improper result of input. In order to fix iPhoto library is not showing you can use the following steps :

  • Close iPhoto and hold option + command keys together
  • Start iPhoto application and select for Repair Database and wait
  • Then restart the iPhoto and look for pictures in the Events folders

If repairing the database doesn’t fix the problem then you need to rebuild the library to restore pictures. If you have a backup of your important pictures then you can get them easily. In case of no backup you will require a third party recovery software.

Software to restore iPhoto library photos

If you are unable to access your favorite memories and want to restore photos which iPhoto Library is not showing then opt Stellar Photo Recovery Mac 6.0 software. This is an amazing software which is designed by panel of expert and contain latest scanning features. It scan your system and bring back the pictures which you are not able to access. This tool is designed to make sure that your original data doesn’t get modified during the recovery. It supports various image format and can be used on different Mac OS.

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