How To Retrieve Data from Crashed iMac

By introducing iMac desktop Apple has the use of computer a pleasure. This is a brilliant desktop which comes with advanced features that takes the computing to extra level. Apart from amazing features it also store large amount of data and also allow user to access the data in simple way. However, there are some instances where user can lose data from iMac when the hard drive get crash. We don’t want to even think about data loss but it happens and arise the need of retrieve data from crashed iMac.




Factors that render data loss from iMac

Boot sector damage : Damage of the boot sector due to virus attack or frequent restart can lead to iMac crash sometime.
Journal and catalog file corruption : These are the crucial file and corruption in these files result in corruption of hard drive.
Logical errors : Errors like formation of bad sector, corrupt partition map, file system damage can also trigger corruption of hard drive on Mac.
Incorrect OS X installation : If the OS X not get installed properly then it lead to OS crash and make data inaccessible.

The above situation can lead the iMac crash and the data stored on it become unavailable. But those who have created backup can easily retrieve data from crashed iMac. If there is no backup then using third party recovery program is the only solution.

Data recovery software for crashed iMac

If you are also unable to access your valuable data from crashed iMac then don’t worry. Stellar Mac data recovery v7.1 software is the best solution to retrieve data from crashed iMac. You Can also call care and support number to fix this issue. This is an efficient software which is specially designed to recover data from Mac computer. Data loss can happen due to any disaster but thanks to this utility which bring back all the data without depending on the situation of data loss. Apart from iMac this unique recovery tool can be used to get back data from MacBook and other Mac computer which use different OS X.

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