Retrieve Data From Hard Drive After MBR Corruption

mbr-corruptMBR (Master Boot Record) is one of the vital component which is required for booting of a computer. It is the first sector of a system hard drive which contain information about how to load the OS and how the drive is partitioned. Any problem or corruption to MBR leave the PC unbootable and result in dangerous issue. Once MBR corruption occur in your hard disk then the data present on it become inaccessible or lost. There are many user who faced this problem and they search for how to retrieve data from hard drive after MBR corruption.


One of the main reason behind MBR corruption is running of multiple operating system on a single computer. Apart from that there are several reason which lead to corruption in MBR such as dangerous virus attack, sudden system restart, improper shutdown or unexpected power surge. After the corruption you will face error like “Operating system not found” when you try to start your PC. However you can use the inbuilt application of Microsoft known as “Bootrec.exe” to repair the MBR. Here are the step to use the utility

  • Insert Windows OS installation disc and boot from DVD drive
  • Select your language, keyboard input, time and click “next”
  • Now click on “Repair Your Computer” and select OS for repair
  • From the system recovery window, select “Command Prompt”
  • Then type “Bootrec.exe /Fix MBR” and press Enter key

This utility help you to fix MBR and let you access your hard disk. But sometime this application fail and in such situation you have to opt some recovery software to retrieve data from hard drive after MBR corruption.

Software For Hard Drive Data Recovery

In order to get back lost or corrupted data from hard disk after MBR corruption you can use Stellar data recovery software. This application is designed by experts which contains latest scanning features which extract all your data back. This recovery tool is compatible with all the version of Windows OS and let you retrieve data from hard drive after MBR corruption. In addition, with the help of this utility you can also get back lost or deleted data from different storage drive on Windows OS.


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