Retrieve Deleted Photos From Windows 8

image (3)Windows 8 is one of the latest OS by Microsoft which is very popular among users because of its user friendly interface. It also contains several new features such as cloud computing, supports multi-touch display, built-in antivirus and so on. But unfortunately, like previous version it is also not provide data security and user have to face unwanted instances with Windows 8 PC where important data get deleted. One of the most common situation is accidental deletion of photos. it is very annoying when you lost your important pictures because it contain your memorable moment. Don’t worry here you will know how to retrieve deleted photos from Windows 8.


There are many situation which result in deletion of photos from Windows 8 PC. Some of the common reason which lead to photo loss situation are:

  • Using the Shift + Del key to delete pictures
  • Emptying pictures from recycle bin without proper check
  • Deleting photos from command prompt
  • Erasing pictures from external media on Windows 8
  • Attack of malware on Windows 8 can also lead to picture loss

Recycle bin is the only option to restore deleted files on Windows PC. In case you have emptied the recycle bin then don’t worry. You can still retrieve deleted photos from Windows 8 with the help of some reliable recovery software.

Use Stellar Photo Recovery (v7.0) Software

If you don’t have backup of your important picture then you can recover them with the help of Stellar Photo Recovery (v7.0). The latest optimized software contains number of features that help you to retrieve deleted photos from Windows 8. This updated version is integrated with advanced scanning algorithms which recover deleted pictures or any other multimedia files from Windows system. The Photo Recovery 7.0 comes with several new features such as selective recovery, supports Unicode format, provide option to add or edit headers. It recover your pictures without compromising its quality and also supports more file format than the earlier version.


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